Me thinking: “This would be a great picture for my blog…”

So a little more detail about me…

As you know, I’m a struggling college student majoring in journalism. I’m not minoring in anything right now because that would mean I have my life together. When I’m not in my journalism classes learning how to write fake news, I like to write short stories. I also love to read (actual books! not my textbooks…)

My favorite colors are blue, green, and purple. Target is love, target is life (in other words I love target). I’m a night owl, so I get a lot of my work done at night. I don’t fuck with spiders, and I’m afraid of heights.

I love to color code and I hope to teach a class about it one day. My small dream is to work at a library and to be a famous short story author. I really love french fries, cereal, and pork pot stickers.

I’m just living life getting through college and making bad choices with my friends. Some fun facts about me:

  1. My name in Chinese means “elegant rice”
  2. I’m allergic to cockroaches and horses
  3. I’m salty as hell
  4. I have bad luck with getting apple pies at McDonald’s
    My name in Chinese means “elegant rice”
  5. I have shitty memory

I hope you all will enjoy my blog. Thanks for visiting!